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Wallace Mann Wallace Mann
Wallace Mann, PhD, is a scientist, healer, teacher, and writer who has dedicated himself to the perspective of integration of opposites.

Wallace began his journey of self-exploration in 1990, when he traded climbing 20,000 foot peaks for exploring the inner mountains through a variety of spiritual traditions. For 10 years he studied consciousness with Pathways Institute Mystery School through meditation, ritual, sacred art, Voice Dialog, Holotropic Breathwork™ and dreamwork. Subsequently, Wallace worked extensively in the shamanic tradition of the Mazatec Nation of Southern Mexico, and studied the Inca wisdom teachings and energy healing with Dr. Alberto Villoldo. He is a graduate of the Healing the Light Body School and former teacher for the Four Winds Society. He has also been trained by Don Victor Estrada, Taoist Master Brian Osborne, and is certified in Theta Healing™.

Wallace’s former careers include research scientist and corporate consultant, so he relates easily to the science-minded and rational. His diverse background gives him a unique perspective on the shamanic journey from rationality to surrender. He sees himself as a bridge between the world of logic & science and the world of intuition & feeling.

Currently Wallace finds himself in service to divine connection, intuition, and a new lineage born out of the shamanic, Eastern and Western traditions.

Wallace holds a PhD in Computer Vision from Stanford University. He lives in Mill Valley, CA, with his wife and three boys.

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Eva Mann Eva Mann
Eva Mann is a visionary, healer and artist who dances her way through life, following her heart and inner knowing.

She grew up in Soviet controlled Czech Republic amidst the challenges of that time and came out with a smile in her heart. Eva knows what is important, trusts her Spirit, and envisions a more positive reality for herself and others.

Eva studied science and business administration, and had successful careers in foreign investments, e-commerce and hi-tech marketing. Eva brings to her work an understanding of the corporate world and the needs of a client enmeshed in a demanding career.

Over time Eva has explored a range of healing modalities including meditation, Holotropic Breathwork™, Eden Energy Medicine, tarot and the shamanic tradition of the Mazatec Nation of Southern Mexico. She is a graduate of the Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body School, and a certified Soul Coach and Past Life Coach. Eva is also certified in Theta Healing™. Her teachers include Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Denise Linn, Donna Eden, Don Victor Estrada and Don Francisco Chura.

Eva carries an inner light of optimism that is both grounded and visionary. She is a creator of beauty, who loves manifesting vision in material, designing jewelry ‘with a soul’, and growing her garden as a living ‘sand painting’. With careful thought and intent, Eva helps her clients live a joyous, full life from their hearts.

Eva holds an MS in Natural Science & Languages from Charles University, Prague, and an MBA from Cornell University. She lives in Mill Valley, CA, with her husband and three boys.

Soul Coaching
Engage with Mann Partners' Soul Coaching™ to become the creative architect of your life experience. We will gently guide and support you through a transformational journey of self-discovery to align your outer life with the inner wisdom of your soul.
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Energy Healing
We offer energy healing sessions to help you renew and achieve profound, lasting improvements in your life. Let go of limiting beliefs, improve relationships, and restore your comfort, energy and vitality.
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Space Clearing
Restore harmony and balance to your environment. We offer space clearing to remove disruptive and negative energy from your home or office, and create a space with vibrant, positive energy and a healthy flow of life. Contact us for more information.