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Past Events

Spring Fire Ceremony (Mar '09)
Munay-Ki Workshop (Feb & Nov '09)
Despacho Ceremony (Mar '09)
New Year’s Despacho Ceremony on Mt. Tam (Jan '09)
Pre-Holiday Open House (Dec '08)
Panda Teachings: Journeys in Perspective
Intro to Healing the Light Body / Evening
Intro to Healing the Light Body / Full-day
Dreaming the World into Being

Spring Fire Ceremony
Inviting Spring Renewal
Friday, March 13, 2009, 7:00pm
Mann Partners, 16 Madera Way, Mill Valley, CA

Fire ceremony is one of the core ceremonies in many medicine traditions, and a powerful tool for personal transformation. Come and join medicine men and women around the world in sacred ceremony to source from our soul, and re-remember how we sat around sacred fires throughout time.

Let the fire transform your offerings and prayers into light, and turn them over to spirit. Invite fire to be your teacher, let go of what no longer serves you, and step into timelessness. In the two-week period following the fire ceremony, watch for opportunities to translate your intention for healing into reality, and to manifest a new dream.

Please bring an offering – a small burnable item (e.g., a stick or leaf) to represent your prayers, something to be honored before letting it go.

Please contact us if you would like to attend so we can plan, and to get directions.

Cost: Free.

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Munay-Ki Workshop
The 9 Great Rites of Initiation
Saturday & Sunday, November 14 & 15 2009, 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday, November 21 & 22 2009, 10:00am-6:00pm
The Enlightened Mind 409 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA 95008

Saturday & Sunday, February 21 & 22 2009, 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday, March 14 & 15 2009, 10:00am-6:00pm
Mann Partners, 16 Madera Way, Mill Valley, CA

Do you long to make a difference in the world and in your own life? Do you experience a sense of urgency?

Join us for an intimate, two-weekend gathering to explore and receive the nine Munay-Ki initiation rites that rapidly accelerate personal and global healing. During these gatherings you will learn more about the Munay-Ki rites, as well as the principles and core practices that support them. You will be invited to receive the rites in seed form, learn how to nourish and grow these seeds over time, and if you wish, share them with others.

The Munay-Ki rites prepare us for the time to come. They anchor each of the critical junctures in the process of breaking out of linear time and consciously co-participating in the matrix of life. They help us embark on the journey of transformation and perceptual shifts, learn to walk in grace, and live our purpose fearlessly.

Many wisdom keepers speak of these next few years as a tremendous opportunity for unprecedented change and a quantum leap in human evolution. The Munay-Ki empower you to take part in this evolution by letting go of the collective nightmare and taking up residence in a spirit community committed to dreaming the new world into being.

Become a person of wisdom and power, who has accepted the stewardship for all creation. This is an extraordinary opportunity to receive an energetic transmission connecting you directly to a healing lineage dating back thousands of years.

See our page on the Munay-Ki for more information about the rites.

Cost: $300 total for both weekends, food and lodging not included.

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Traditional Andean Despacho Ceremony
Celebration of Gratitude at Spring Equinox
Saturday, March 21, 2009, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Open Secret Bookstore, 923 C Street, San Rafael, CA

On the weekend of the Spring Equinox, join us for a traditional despacho ceremony to welcome spring, and invite a new relationship between ourselves and the Earth. Align with your personal intent, harmonize with your community, and honor connectedness to all things.

Visually beautiful and energetically powerful, a despacho ceremony is a symbolic expression of prayer and intention. The despacho tradition comes from the high Andes. Peruvian Q’ero medicine men and women have performed despachos for generations, as an act of love, offering, and prayer for ayni, or right relationship based on deep reciprocity. In the Andean tradition, gratitude has the capacity to shape the nature of our reality; their medicine people extend gratitude and thanks for all that they have before it has manifested in the material world.

The ceremony takes about 2 hours. It is highly participatory, where everyone is invited to blow their prayers into seeds, leaves, flowers, grains, sweets, and other items, and then lay them out in a decorative arrangement. Each element of the prayer bundle is imbued with intent, honoring and giving back to the spirits of the land, our spirit guides, and the essential unity of the cosmos. After wrapping the offering in a ceremonial cloth, all present are invited for deep energetic cleansing.

Please contact Open Secret Bookstore directly at 415-457-4191 to register.

Suggested donation: $15 to cover the cost of materials.

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New Year’s Despacho Ceremony on Mt. Tam
Healing our Relationship with the Earth
Thursday, January 1, 2009, 1pm
Shoulders of Mt. Tamalpais, CA

Invite a newly healed relationship between ourselves and the Earth for 2009 by joining our despacho ceremony on the shoulders of beautiful Mt. Tamalpais.

Situated specifically at a nexus between the bay and the summit, between the ancient trees of Muir Woods and contemporary urbanization, and between the two years, our ceremony will extend gratitude to spirit in the exquisite tradition of the Andean despacho. We will also set an intention for 2009 to be in ayni, the right relationship and deep reciprocity, with this planet we live on.

We'll meet at the "Four Corners" intersection on Mt Tamalpais along Panoramic Hwy at 1pm. After a short walk (50 yards) up a hill to the ceremony site, we open sacred space and begin our despacho. Light refreshments will be available at our home after the ceremony.

Please contact us to get directions to the meeting point.

Cost: Donations to cover materials are gratefully accepted

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Pre-Holiday Open House
Saturday, December 13, 2009, 1pm - 5pm
16 Madera Way, Mill Valley, CA

Stop by for a pre-holiday visit this coming Saturday. Come for the whole afternoon or stop by for a bit … we would love to see you. Music will be played, snacks and drinks will be served, and holiday cheer will be everywhere.

You will also have an opportunity to check out Eva’s trunk show of her new jewelry designs. After a few years of designing jewelry on and off, she has finally decided to let the creative stream carry her, and will have her first open studio during this time.

Whether you are looking for a last minute gift or not, come by, say hello and visit. We look forward to seeing you.

Please contact us to let us know you are coming.

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Panda Teachings: Journeys in Perspective™
Developing Nimbleness of Perspective to Manifest our Dreams
October 18 - 19, 2008
Green Gulch (S.F. Zen Center) - Muir Beach, CA

Join us for an introductory workshop of the Panda Teachings™ series, focusing on Journeys in Perspective, a highly experiential approach to exploring your inner self, integrating your light and shadow, and boldly embracing wholeness.

Together, we will set ourselves free of our imaginal limitations, add fluidity and range in our points of view, develop nimbleness of perspective to manifest our dreams, and lay the groundwork for a truly co-creative relationship with the universe.

We will explore polarities, potentionality, and how we move through our biases, our opinions and even our discernments toward a more compassionate and holistic life. We will ask how we can live an amazing life even if we can't imagine what that life would look like. We will learn to find our vision, and explore letting it guide us with joy and integrity on our very own epic journey.

During the workshop we will use a variety of approaches that include meditation, sand paintings, sacred art, and fire ceremony. We will learn hands-on about creating sacred space, and using ceremony and ritual. We will discuss the compatibility of the seemingly incompatible, blend spirituality and science, explore dreams, and experience our inner guidance on a vision journey.

About Panda Teachings Series
Mann Partners' Panda Teachings™ embrace the perspective embodied in their namesake bear of black and white, not one or the other, but both in the same whole. It is a perspective of Integration of Opposites™, which in a world of seeming polarities brings together the dualities of feminine and masculine, yin and yang, spirituality and science, transpersonal shamanic experience and western rational mind. The Panda Teachings free us of our preconceptions about who we are and open us to who we are becoming.

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Introduction to Healing the Light Body
An Evening Lecture with Wallace Mann
Senior Staff, Healing the Light Body School
Friday, October 12, 2007, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Friday, May 30, 2008, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Open Secret Bookstore, 923 C Street, San Rafael, CA

In this introductory lecture, Wallace will discuss the healing practices employed for 10,000 years by the Shamans of the Americas. The ancient practices are presented in a scientific and practical system of energy healing that allows us to discover states of exceptional health and well-being, as well as opportunity for conscious participation in our future evolution.

Cost: $20

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Introduction to Healing the Light Body
A Full-day Workshop with Wallace Mann
Senior Staff, Healing the Light Body School
Saturday, October 13, 2007, 9:30am-5:00pm
Sunday, June 1, 2008, 9:30am-5:00pm
Green Gulch (S.F. Zen Center) - Muir Beach, CA

In this day-long workshop Wallace will introduce the Four Winds Society’s renowned Healing the Light Body program and share the shaman’s core practices of energy medicine. The work of a shaman is to bring balance to the luminous energy field that surrounds the human body and holds the records, or “imprints,” of our emotional, physical and psychological traumas, and of our well-being.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • the illumination process to clear imprints in the energy field before they have a chance to express as disease in the body
  • a process for extracting toxic energies that have embedded themselves in the luminous energy field;
  • soul retrieval work to revisit past traumatic events and recover the essential self and
  • rites of passage, including life and death rites.

This is a rare opportunity to get an overview of the shamanic traditions of the Andes and Amazon, and learn about ancient healing modalities and how they are translated to make them practical, scientific and contemporary.

Cost: $100
Optional organic lunch from Green Gulch Farms: $15

($100 can be credited to Healing the Light Body tuition)

About Four Winds Society
The Four Winds Society is global wisdom organization, working to change the world by training one healer at a time. It was founded by Alberto Villoldo, PhD, a medical anthropologist and psychologist who was initiated by Incan shaman masters. He is the author of Shaman, Healer, Sage and Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval.

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Dreaming the World into Being
A Weekend of Collective Co-creation
Date: July 25 - 27, 2008
Location: Mill Valley, CA

Join us for a weekend of meditation, ceremony, and active participation devoted to expressing our collective dreams for the world. Through art, dance, word, sound, image and journey we will explore the interplay of our diverse gifts and dreams with the intention of mutual support and collective co-creation.

Our community of healers and mystics will come together in heartfelt spirit, play and laughter. Come share your own vision and intention, participate in manifestation, and catch up with old friends.

Cost: $160
Note: Open to full mesa carriers or equivalent only.

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Energy Healing
We offer energy healing sessions to help you renew and achieve profound, lasting improvements in your life. Let go of limiting beliefs, improve relationships, and restore your comfort, energy and vitality.
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Panda Teachings Panda Teachings™ embrace the perspective embodied in their namesake bear, of black and white, not one or the other, but both in the same whole - the perspective of integration of opposites. We offer highly experiential workshops that help you bring out your inner self, honoring both your light and your darkness. You will learn to listen to your inner voice, embrace the divine within, awaken your strength, and follow your heart.
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