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Making the Medicine Your Own (Aug '11)

Making the Medicine Your Own
Evening Intro: Friday, August 26, 2011, 7-9:30pm
Workshop: Friday Intro + Saturday, August 27, 2011, 10:00am-6:00pm
The Enlightened Mind 409 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA 95008

Great teachers say we must experience their teaching for ourselves. True wisdom comes from direct connection with the divine. Wisdom teachings built upon that connection can only point the way for others, offering guidance, practices and energetic initiations. But for the student to step into mastery, we must re-experience the wisdom directly and know it as our own.

How do you take your training and make it your own? If shamans are map makers, itís one thing to learn the shamanic map; itís something else entirely to map the territory yourself. How do you map the territory of reality, spirit and wisdom without getting lost? How do you become a master of doing what the shamans call, ďputting your teacher in the fire.í?

Making the Medicine Your Own introduces principles, practices and experiences of freeing yourself from the imagined limitations of your teachers' teachings to find that personal re-experiencing of direct connection. Learn how to go beyond your teacher while staying true to the teaching. Learn how to walk the fine line between adapting your practice to its most potent form of personal expression while at the same time retaining the power and integrity of the lineage in which you practice.

The class is designed for practitioners actively engaged in some form of energy healing modality, but is relevant for anyone with an explorerís mindset on the sacred path.

  • Transcend the limitations of what you have been taught
  • Free yourself of dependency on any teacher
  • Learn how to move beyond what your mind thinks is possible
  • Understand how to stay grounded in effective results
  • Learn how to find your most personal expression of the magic within
  • Do all of this with complete respect for and integrity with the lineage that you serve

Cost: $20 for Friday only, $95 for both Friday and Saturday ($105 for both at the door).

Register for both directly with The Englightened Mind.

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