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I am very grateful to have met you. You provide amazing strength and a needed voice of reason. With much love, appreciation and admiration.

- Vanessa H.

Thank you for both your sessions. They provided just what I needed in my process. I'm getting a lot of mileage in all the resulting unfolding. The old beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are in the way of my intentions seem easier to see, and not identify with these days. I also notice more synchronicities happening, and more connections to helpful people and resources, which give me the feeling of being supported by the Universe. I'm very grateful and appreciative of your fine-tuned guidance for my unfolding journey.

- Barbara Lovejoy, MSW, LCSW

Wallace, you are an awesome and very sensitive healer!! I want to thank you so so much for the work we did today. I can’t tell you how much better I feel — much more whole and integrated. I’m so very very grateful for this gift of healing from you. Thank you, thank you , thank you!!

- Billie Dean, Australia

My deepest gratitude and thanks. I am arriving more fully in my body, as if I am stepping into it; my feet feel different. The healing you offered me was such a gift. I can still hear the flute sound you made so beautifully, and feel the sweetness of the session. Your ability to stay present with me and offer me some insights (including humor) was healing, and has given me much to release and invite spirit in more deeply. Much appreciation.

- Ashera

The Soul Journey session with Eva Mann was an experience I will always treasure and be grateful to share with others. I had never participated in this type of inner exploration work and Eva was able to take time to work with and educate me regarding the valuable tools a Soul Journey offers. Eva provided a safe, intimate environment and professional guidance during the Soul Journey. In addition, she has the most comforting voice and her grace is a true gift for anyone who works with her. I look forward to working with Eva in the future. Thank you for your outstanding example of Soul Coaching!

- Carolyn Himes

Thank you, Wallace, for the beautiful healing work you do. Before you did the extraction on me I always felt as though I was fighting against some force that would not allow me to move forward. I can never express how you have changed my life forever.

- Karen Lawrence

Wow, I am feeling so blessed, exhilarated, relieved, joyful, awestruck, hopeful. Thank you. I’m definitely seeing the connection. The healing continues … I am grateful.

- Marlena Rodrigues

Thank you for the powerful session, the energy from it is still with me and things continue to shift inside. It was truly a different experience, for both my husband and me, and we feel that its effect is positively resonating in many different areas in our lives.

- Julian and Maria


Energy Healing
We offer energy healing sessions to help you renew and achieve profound, lasting improvements in your life. Let go of limiting beliefs, improve relationships, and restore your comfort, energy and vitality.
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