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Panda Teachings

Mann Partners’ Panda Teachings™ embrace the perspective embodied in their namesake bear of black and white, not one or the other, but both in the same whole. It is a perspective of Integration of Opposites™, which in a world of seeming polarities brings together the dualities of feminine and masculine, yin and yang, spirituality and science, transpersonal shamanic experience and western rational mind. It is a perspective about integrating our light and shadow and boldly embracing wholeness.

The teachings are an expression of the spirit of a Giant Panda bear, who beautifully integrates black and white, and is an ancient symbol of wisdom and peace. Mysterious and living in the cloudy mountains, Panda Bears were considered semi-divine in ancient China, and credited with mystical powers.

Panda Bear is a symbol of saying yes to life. The Panda Teachings free us of our preconceptions about who we are and open us to who we are becoming.

Panda Teaching Classes and Workshops
Mann Partners offers highly experiential workshops that will help you explore your inner self, explore and honor your feminine and masculine side, your yin and yang, your light as well as your darkness. You will learn to listen to your inner voice, embrace the divine in you, awaken your strength, and follow your heart. You will get practical tools and simple techniques that can be easily used by anyone.

What will you experience?

  • Explore polarities, potentionality, and learn about embracing wholeness
  • Develop nimbleness of perspective to manifest your dreams
  • Practice gratitude and stillness, walk in beauty
  • Learn hands-on about creating sacred space, and using ceremony and ritual
  • Explore reading signs and listening to your intuition
  • Experience a shamanic journey, and find your temple or your sacred garden
  • Learn to find your power, and with joy and integrity explore letting it guide you on your very own epic journey, to places you only dare to dream of
  • Learn to stay in harmony and balance, and live in ayni, the right relationship with yourself, others, our environment, and the whole planet; become a conscious steward of the Earth
  • Embrace the principle of living your life as a fiesta, joyfully and fully, enjoying a present moment, and learning from and appreciating anything that comes to your life
  • Learn to put your teachers in the fire, including this one. Free yourself to discover a direct connection with spirit.

We use a variety of approaches that include meditation, high-intensity sound, sacred art, sand paintings, and fire ceremonies. We discuss the compatibility of the seemingly incompatible, spirituality and science. We explore dreams, experience our inner guidance on a vision journey, and study ancient shaman techniques and their more modern equivalents that were concentrated into an essence to make them easier accessible to a western mind.

Workshops vary in length based on their focus, from a one day event to a week-long retreat. Please contact us for more event-specific information and dates.

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Wallace Mann shares the wisdom brought by panda in his articles:

He is currently in the process of writing a book, Journey to the Lands of Them.


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Panda's International
In the spirit of ayni
In the spirit of ayni, reciprocity and balance, Mann Partners contributes a portion of their proceeds to Pandas International to aid in saving the Giant Panda from extinction, support panda nature reserves, and increase public awareness of the panda’s situation. We invite you to join us and support this rare endangered bear by contributing directly to Pandas International.