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The Four Winds Society
Founded by psychologist and medical anthropologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds Society offers powerful training programs through its Healing the Light Body School. Their mission is to change the world by training one healer at a time.
Four Winds' provides a wealth of information on the Munay-Ki initiation rites, their background and principles.

Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey
Dying Consciously is a free service dedicated to helping people die consciously. It is designed for all persons involved in the dying process: the individual, family members, and friends. It offers a message of hope that it is possible to bring dignity and peace back to the dying process and teaches us how with easy to follow steps.

Information and programs for developing optimal health, personal growth, spiritual development, & well-being through Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Conscious Living programs.
Holotropic Breathwork™ is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing, based on accelerated breathing combined with evocative music in a special set and setting. It was developed by Stan Grof, a psychiatrist and one of the founders and chief theoreticians of transpersonal psychology.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Spirit Rock Meditation Center is dedicated to the teachings of the Buddha as presented in the vipassana tradition. The practice of mindful awareness, called Insight or Vipassana Meditation, is at the heart of all the activities at Spirit Rock. The Center hosts a full program of ongoing classes, daylong programs, and residential retreats.

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Dance of the Four Winds by Alberto Villoldo & Erik Jendresen
One of Alberto's earlier books, Dance of the Four Winds focuses on his early explorations with shamans in Peru. It is a fascinating read with gripping stories and provides good background to the work of The Four Winds Society.

Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo
In Shaman, Healer, Sage, Alberto presents what he has learned over decades of working with traditional Andean shamans in a practical, easy-to-understand format. This book gives a glimpse of the teachings in the Four Winds Healing the Light Body program.

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden with David Feinstein
In simple language with clear illustrations, Energy Medicine outlines ways to help you heal yourself and others using the body's own natural energies.  This is an exceptionally good book that reconciles and demystifies many different energy systems.

Soul Coaching by Denise Linn
In this book, Denise shares her four-week program dedicated to an in-depth clearing of old blockages, de-cluttering and cleansing of different aspects of your life, and connecting with the wisdom of your soul. Very practical and easy-to-follow.

Psychology of the Future by Stanislav Grof
Psychology of the Future is an accessible overview of the work of Stanislav Grof, especially his central concept of the holotropic experience.  It was written specifically to acquaint newcomers with his work, including Holotropic Breathwork™.

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Panda Teachings Panda Teachings™ embrace the perspective embodied in their namesake bear, of black and white, not one or the other, but both in the same whole - the perspective of integration of opposites. We offer highly experiential workshops that help you bring out your inner self, honoring both your light and your darkness. You will learn to listen to your inner voice, embrace the divine within, awaken your strength, and follow your heart.
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Energy Healing
We offer energy healing sessions to help you renew and achieve profound, lasting improvements in your life. Let go of limiting beliefs, improve relationships, and restore your comfort, energy and vitality.
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