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Soul Coaching Journey
Thank you for the powerful session, the energy from it is still with me and things continue to shift inside,

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Soul Coaching™

Would you like to become the creative architect of your life experience? Do you dream of a life filled with joy and inherent creative energy? Join us for an extraordinary, collaborative renewal program and align your outer life with the inner wisdom of your soul.

Using Denise Linn’s renowned Soul Coaching process, Mann Partners will gently guide you on a transformational journey of self-discovery to the depths of your essence. We will assist you in learning to hear your inner voice, develop clarity, release negative patterns, let go of limiting beliefs and discover who you truly are.

We teach you how to walk the path of your soul’s purpose, where your dreams stop being goals to strive for and start becoming a way of life.

Living from the Soul
When you quiet the mind and tap into your soul’s wisdom, you will naturally take actions to manifest your vision. You will feel in the flow. You live boldly and purposefully, and at the same time enjoy a new way of inner contentment and calm.

We all dream our world into being with the thoughts, beliefs and images that we have about ourselves. When you clear away inner mental and emotional debris, push past your fears, and recognize your ability to write a better story, the universe works with you to manifest it. You dance with spirit.

When living from the soul, you can dream bigger, brighter dreams and achieve them faster than you ever thought possible. And your life will start unfolding in a most remarkable, magical way.

Mann Partners’ Approach to Soul Coaching
The Soul Coaching process is simple yet powerful. We work with both individuals and groups. All coaching is conducted in sacred space and a nurturing, safe environment.

What to Expect
We use consultation, creative projects, past life regression, and various guided meditations and visualizations. The core of Soul Coaching is a Soul Journey, where you get in touch with the real you that is whispering to you every day. You can also meet spirit guides, gain clarity for difficult life situations, and get answers to complex questions.

To succeed, you must commit yourself to applying the practices and techniques. While a coach can assist you on your journey, ultimately, how deep you go is up to you and your personal commitment.

Soul Coaching Services

One-on-One Soul Coaching
Individual sessions are customized to your specific needs and dreams. We will work together to uncover your key values and purpose based on your intuitive guidance.

28-Day Soul Coaching Program
The 28-day Soul Coaching Program is suitable for both groups and individuals. It consists of four one-week modules based on the four elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. These elements correspond to mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. You will learn to harness their power to release what no longer serves you, discover your deeply held knowledge, and find meaning and sacredness in your everyday life.

Each day there are very practical assignments in three levels of complexity - you can choose which best fits your needs on any given day. No pressure, just what’s right for you on a specific day. No matter how busy you are, you can do this program!

How does Soul Coaching fit with Energy Healing sessions?
The forms of work are complementary. An Energy Healing session clears your Luminous Energy Field of heavy energies, brings back essential soul parts, and creates an transformational energetic shift. In Soul Coaching, you take an active role in learning to listen to your innermost self, and you receive ongoing support from your Soul Coach to help manifest those shifts in your outer life. You can choose either approach on their own, or combine them for extra kick!

Fees and Payment Policies
Payment is due at the time service is rendered. Mann Partners accepts cash and personal checks. When you need to reschedule, please provide at least 24 hours notice, so we have time to schedule someone else who might be waiting for an appointment slot. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, we charge a late cancellation fee for that visit.

Complementary Character of Our Services
Please note that all services Mann Partners provides are alternative and complementary to healing arts services licensed by the State of California, and are not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological care. We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any physical or mental conditions. Please read, sign and bring a Disclosure Form with you to your first session.

For more information about complementary holistic services, please read the California Health Freedom Act (California Senate Bill 577), which took effect in January 2003.

Contact us to schedule a Soul Coaching session.


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